Monday, January 17, 2011

George Michael - faith video &&&& BSA"

i found this on craigslist. pretty cool.

George Michaels' BSA leather jacket "Rockers Revenge" - $2000

1 of 25 jackets produce for George Michaels' video "Faith". This BSA leather motorcycle jacket is in great shape. It was given to me by Congo player from Michael Jackson's album "Thriller". Own a piece of Rock n Roll history!!! Don't miss this great deal. It won't last long.

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. said...

how do i say... stop emailing about this jacket. i do not own it or wish to own it. i found the posting on craigslist and thought it was interesting. you would have to be an idiot to pay $2000 for a jacket. stop being a consumer.... i will on the other hand make you a very similar design for $2000.